Help us drive the comeback of Texas Iron and Steel. 

To fight back against foreign governments dumping their cheap, inferior iron and steel on our shores, Friends of Texas Iron and Steel needs YOUR help!

If you agree that taxpayer-funded public works projects should be built using American-made iron and steel, then your elected officials need to hear from you.

Fill out the form below to find your lawmakers in Austin. Send them a message that you stand with the tens of thousands of Texans working in the iron and steel industry.

Dear [Elected Official Title] [Elected Official Name],

I’m writing today to ask for your support of HB 2780 by Representative Paddie and its companion SB 1289 by Senator Creighton.

The iron and steel industry has been a pillar of the manufacturing economy in America for over 150 years, employing millions of skilled, hardworking Americans.

In Texas, iron and steel manufacturing has made a tremendous impact on our economy, employing tens of thousands of men and women, helping make our state the envy of the nation.

In our time as a state, Texas iron and steel have been critical ingredients in erecting the skylines of our great cities, creating our state’s road and water infrastructure, and providing the materials and manpower to win two world wars and make our armed forces the envy of the world.

Our Texas iron and steel industry now faces critical challenges. Under siege from cheap, inferior foreign products, and having to compete with government owned manufacturing with proven environmental and human rights violations, it’s fair to say Texas iron and steel is in crisis.  Texas manufacturers face the prospect of layoffs or reduced shifts in order to compete with foreign actors.

As a Texas taxpayer, I am asking you to support HB 2780 by Paddie & SB 1289 by Creighton. These bills will expand the Buy America provision already in law for the Texas Department of Transportation and the Texas Water Development Board to all state agencies. These bills will ensure that if available at a reasonable price, American iron and steel shall be purchased to help construct taxpayer funded buildings, infrastructure, and highways.

An uninterrupted and ample supply of American-made steel is essential to maintaining our nation’s military prowess, economy vitality, environmentally friendly focus, and national security.


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