The Crisis

Despite the heavy burden of government regulation, many American iron and steel manufacturers have proudly remained in business, creating thousands of jobs and helping to drive the Texas economic miracle.

They face stiff competition from companies that have moved overseas, or foreign governments like China, India, and Turkey, who have corrupted the market with government subsidies and cheap, inferior products.

Most worrisome of all is the predatory practice of “dumping” by nations seeking to compete with american iron and steel manufacturers. This practice involves foreign companies receiving mass government subsidies to produce iron and steel that can be sold at artificially low prices or even at a loss in the United States. The goal of this product dumping is to increase foreign market share in the United States, stifle competition, and drive American companies out of business.

Simply put, foreign governments and companies are manipulating the system, putting the livelihoods of millions of skilled American workers, and our national security, at risk.

It’s time to put an end to rewarding companies that ship job overseas, or governments with questionable human rights records. We must demand that our hard earned tax dollars are spent here in America, on high-quality American iron and steel, produced here by skilled American workers.

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